About resort, amenities and rules & regulations



Danz Cafe & Restaurant

Breakfast and dinner were included and were buffet style, local food which was tasty and did the job!

Mountain Views

Enjoy beautiful view of Mount Tahan.

1 Queen Sized Bed

Comfortable and basic, but have everything you need. Also very close to the shower and toilet block, which were kept clean.

Friendly Staff

All of the staff were really friendly and helpful. They'll provide a free shuttle between the resort and town if you ask.

River Swimming

There is a beautiful sandy beach with great swimming in the river 100m from the tents.

Jungle Experiences

Danz offer a range of jungle experiences such as the night trek and day jungle trekking, both of which were excellent and reasonable prices.


1) No alcohol allowed 2) No pet allowed 3) Do not start a fire 4) No cooking allowed 4) Do not harm the staff 5) Do not litter 6) No smoking 7) Any injuries accidents and deaths are under your own responsibility *FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURE*